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Ynet Redesign

26 Jan
January 26, 2013

I really don’t have a lot to say about this. I basically hate what the current ynet Android app looks like, and this is what happened over the course of a couple of hours.

The funny thing about this design, is that it’s really very simple to implement (if the ever chose to follow something like this).
There’s nothing insane about it, while it’s so much better than the old version.

The design follows the 16dp/48dp rhytms, and it should be fairly simple to use this design on a Tablet version as well.

Why 48dp?

On average, 48dp translate to a physical size of about 9mm (with some variability). This is comfortably in the range of recommended target sizes (7-10 mm) for touchscreen objects and users will be able to reliably and accurately target them with their fingers.


WhatsApp for Android Redesign – Take One

22 Dec
December 22, 2012

If your’e reading this post, then you probably already know how bad WhatsApp looks on Android (as of December 23rd, 2012).

After seeing Max Salomon’s WhatsApp Messenger for Android redesign last month on Google+ and Android UI Patterns, I started messing around with the same idea this Saturday, as I was bored out of my mind.
This is my take on what WhatsApp Messenger for Android should look like.

I started with favorite UI pattern right now – the Sliding Menu style and kept everything as sleek as possible. The font I used here was Android’s Roboto font. I’m not entirely sure about the Chat activity and some things are still missing, like the attachment icon in the Chat activity and the pinned header list style in the contacts fragment.

Main Activity Contacts Fragment Chat Activity

I’d love the feedback! Let me know what you think below!
This is my first mockup, so be gentle…

By the way, When I tried using WhatsApp later on that very evening, it was a real downer to see its dated design.